The key to increased productivity

Customized keyboards are keyboards with the right keytops,in other words, keyboards with keys that are specially designed to work perfectly with your software or application. The benefits of using customized keyboards with custom keys include better performance and increased productivity.

With customized keyboards, your employees will perform better, especially when using specialized software that involves repetitive keystrokes. With the right keys, in other words, with keycaps that are designed to work with your software, your employees will no longer have to paste homemade stickers on their keyboards to remember special functions or shortcuts. This will save time and help them work faster and better.

    Customized keycaps from BSP are essential to mission-critical operations like those performed at the Copenhagen Airport Control Tower.
At BSP, we are experts when it comes to designing special solutions for every type of company, large and small. For example, we recently designed new keycaps for the Danish Post and Telegraph's nationwide computer system. When the PTT installed their new Olivetti hardware, they realized that keyboards with custom keys were a vital key to optimizing the new system.